Sketch Comedy Troupe & Production Company


Dinner For One is a sketch comedy collective from Brooklyn, NY. We are theatrical, silly and unapologetic. Our sketches take you on epic adventures, full of absurd characters and childish whimsy.

WARNING: Dinner For One may cause intense fits of laughter, shortness of breath, dementia, sharting, angry red errections, jealosy that your friends aren’t as funny as us, poptarts and acceptance of the truth.

Dfor1 cannot be held legally responsible for any offended parties (i.e. your entire, extended jewish family.)


  1. Managing Director
    Jake Mann Actor / Co-Founder Jake is a native Brooklynite who attended Saint Ann’s School, where he studied sketch comedy, stage combat, musical theater, opera, scene study, fine cuisine, and improv. He then, stumbled through Emerson College, where he met the rest of Dinner for One, and earned a BFA acting degree in 2011. In his spare time, he does all matter of creative endeavors befitting a figure of his renaissance manliness and is available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and "Eyes Wide Shut" parties.
  2. Managing Director
    Kyle Miller Producer / Co-Founder / Sound Mixer Originally from Boston, Kyle went to Emerson College where he met the other members and made his blood-oath to co-found Dinner for One. He produces and co-writes all of Dfor1s content and hopes to one day overcome his addiction to spreadsheets. He dreams of turning Harry Potter into a TV series and having time for a nap.
  3. Managing Director
    Max Fox Actor / Co-Founder Max Fox - 1981-2006.
  4. Managing Director
    Ally Condrath Actor / Co-Founder Ally Condrath hails from the land of the Amish. She eventually landed in Boston where she received a BFA in Acting from Emerson and spent all of her time with these dorks before co-founding Dinner for One. She is clearly the most masculine presence in Dfor1. Her penis will be arriving any day now.
  5. Managing Director
    Ian Wexler Director/ Co-Founder / Editor Ian grew up in Santa Barbara, CA, where he started making films at the ripe young age of 13. Around that time he fell in love with Monty Python, Spinal Tap, and Faulty Towers which he still thinks is the funniest thing in the history of funny things. He studied film directing at Emerson, and he now lives in Brooklyn where he works as a freelance director and spends his free time watching European films and cultivating his illustrious beard, which he also started growing at the ripe young age of 13.
  6. Managing Director
    Adam Rapchik Actor Adam grew up in Brooklyn, went to Indiana University and now tries not to get fired from his job on a daily basis. His recent accomplishments include, but are not limited to: 1) Becoming president of his local Justin Bieber fan club chapter. 2) Having an allergic reaction to the Dragon Soup at Medieval Times. 3) Narrowing down his preference in women to blondes, brunettes and redheads.
  7. Managing Director
    Alex Zagey Editor / Co-Founder Originally from Jersey, Alex currently works as an Editor at Viacom. He is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston where he received a B.A. in Cinematography/Videography and met the rest of Dinner For One. When not at work or hanging with Dfor1, you can probably find Alex traveling across the city by foot, bike or subway taking photos or getting involved in an awkward situation.
  8. Managing Director
    Catherine Kennedy Actor Catherine recieved her BA in Theatre from Emerson College, and now lives in Richmond, VA, where she works at the Martin Agency. She occasionally performs live shows with Dinner For One and will always be part of the crew. She was the Costume Designer for television series Life Sucks in addition to portraying the role of Jessica.
  9. Managing Director
    Gio Naarendorp Actor Gio is a Surinamese-American actor and comedian from Suriname (look it up), raised in the suburbs of New York (look it up). He graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in acting and moved to the Big Apple to pursue his love of larger sized fruits and acting. So far, he has nothing to report fruit-wise. When he’s not thinking about poetry or animals, he collaborates with a multitude of artists all over the city creating short films and theater pieces.
  10. Managing Director
    Nathaniel Taylor-Leach Actor Nathaniel is an Earth-based actor, writer, director, and teacher at the Neighborhood Playhouse Junior School for Theatre. He received his B.A. in Theatre Education from Emerson College and regularly waves it around in people's faces saying, "Oooooh, look at my liberal arts education!" He hopes his silliness is taken very seriously someday. He is currently finding himself in real-life Middle Earth.
  11. Managing Director
    Noel Carey Actor Noel's bio has been with him since Emerson College and has followed him all over New York where he writes music, lyrics and bios. Noel and his bio were last seen together in the program for the national tour of "Murder for Two" and will no doubt appear again in some kind of press for Dinner For One's "Life Sucks" and "Brooklyn Sound", for which he is the co-creator. Noel's least favorite class in high school was Bio.